Leasing your property? Let Oryx World Property Representation assist

March 8, 2016 - Posted By Marketing


Relax while OWPR manages your investment – and its tenants

Providing truly outstanding property management services, Oryx World Property Representation takes the stress out of being a landlord, from finding tenants to overseeing move-outs and everything in between.

A subsidiary of Oryx World Real Estate, established nearly 15 years ago, Oryx World Property Representation (OWPR) has a comprehensive knowledge of the GCC market and enjoys a wide range of unique selling points as a result.

For example, the company is one of the few to offer a true round-the-clock service, with an experienced team of Europeans able to handle enquiries any time of day. Insisting upon the highest standards, they resolve problems quickly, efficiently, with minimum fuss and maximum precision.

Jennie Strachan, an industry expert with more than 20 years’ experience in facilities and property management, heads operations. Jennie Strachan says, “We offer a premium property management package which costs 8% of the annual rent: includes rent collection, administration and more complex issues such as insurance advice, maintenance management, dispute resolution, banking and inspection reports are also included.


Working with a select group of contractors, OWPR has tight control over its work practices, ensuring it delivers services effectively and efficiently while negating and even eliminating costly reworks.

Contractors and subcontractors are subject to monthly KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure performance against expectations. This allows OWPR to constantly monitor vendors and improve its delivery and service.

Jennie Strachan adds, “We have extensive experience of handling contracts with clients who own just one property to entire buildings. In both cases, there is always a single point of contact. There’s no passing from one person to another, ensuring clients receive a highly personalized and dedicated service.”

One of the best property management companies in the world, Oryx World Property Representation is a true industry expert. Contact Property Representation Manager Jennie Strachan today and find out how she and her team can seamlessly manage your valued investment. Jennie can be reached on +971 (0)4 446 2000.