Avoid floodwater damage, says Oryx World Property Representation

April 27, 2016 - Posted By Marketing


Top tips to protect your home against flooding

Few things are more inconvenient than being flooded out of your home.

From soaked carpets to ruined electrics, the damage is often extensive, requiring a time-consuming and expensive cleanup.

But, what can you do to protect your home against flooding, and is it really necessary to implement such measures in a hot desert city like Dubai?

“Absolutely,” says Leonie Jyrwa, owner of Yellow Hammer Technical Services, one of Oryx World Property Representation’s key partners.

According to the maintenance expert, the heavy downpours witnessed in the emirate in February 2016 caused extensive property damage and caught hundreds of homeowners off guard.

“Don’t get caught out,” she says. “Take a few simple steps to protect your home against flooding and save yourself a hefty repair bill later on.”

Jennie Strachan, Oryx World Property Representation Manager, agrees, “Don’t wait for the next floods to come and then act. Protect your home now and avoid a headache further down the line.”

Top tips include:

  • Regularly clean gutters, drains and downspouts.
  • ‘Dry proof’ your property by applying coatings and other sealing materials to your walls to keep out water.
  • Anchor and raise fuel tanks, air-conditioning units and generators above flood level.
  • Replace gypsum plaster, which is susceptible to water, with more resistant materials such as lime plaster or cement render.
  • Varnish wooden skirting boards, doors and door surrounds thoroughly to limit water damage.
  • Raise key electrical items such as boilers, wall sockets and meters above the likely flood level.
  • Install one-way valves on toilets and drainage pipes to decrease the risk of sewage backing up into your home.
  • Landscape the outside areas of your home to divert water away from the building.

Jennie Strachan adds, “While you can easily implement these protective measures on your own, we can also take care of them for you. Just call our Property Representation team on +971 (0)4 446 2000 and we’ll be happy to assist.”