Ray Hogan


Ray Hogan co-founded Oryx World in 2002, and in the intervening decade, he has both used his extensive marketing experience to make his Dubai-based firm a dominant local force, and developed internationally through strategic partnerships in the United States and Middle East.

As managing director, he oversees business development with local, regional and global property development companies, focusing on strategic planning and the launch of new, off plan properties. Since the global recession began in 2007, he has also developed a highly sought after specialism in the consolidation, mediation and remedy of investments on behalf of financial institutions, developers and investors.

As part of Oryx World’s strategic expansion, Ray established operations in California in 2009, in doing so developing his luxury property operation and extending the company’s global reach. With a desire to operate in a more mature property market, Hogan and his team turned a negative property market into a positive professional opportunity, the challenging commercial climate providing ideal opportunity to interact with the world’s leading property professionals.

Oryx’s readiness to work with influential partners, coupled with their steadfast commitment to superior customer service gave them amazing market exposure, and just months after their move to the States, Oryx’s first showrooms opened in the exclusive neighbourhoods of Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, California.

The US operations continue to be a success, and in 2012, Ray Hogan returned to Dubai to further expand operations in the economically vibrant markets of the Middle East and Asia.


Client Testimonials

Anonymous says:

“I first visited Dubai in 2002, having heard about the amazing growth planned for the Emirate and the speed with which everything was happening. As an experienced UK developer the idea of having some involvement in such an exciting part of the world was irresistible.However, after much investigation it became apparent that the real estate market in Dubai was inhabited by a lot of people who had jumped on the new-found property bandwagon, supposedly knowing everything there was to know, but in reality knowing next to nothing. The investment advice, apparently authoritative, offered by these people was questionable to say the least.

But having the background knowledge of the industry, and wishing to sort the wheat from the chaff, I sought out the best, truly professional advice available and was delighted to finally be introduced to Ray Hogan of Oryx World by one of Dubai’s foremost UK lawyers. I found Ray to have the kind of in-depth knowledge of the market at every level that I needed, and a man in whom I could place my total trust – vital particularly when taking advice at long distance.

As a result, my investment decisions proved both safe and highly profitable, and even though some of those investments took longer to come to fruition than expected as the result of the universal downturn, with Ray’s expert handling they have all ultimately proved worthwhile.

If anyone wishes to have someone advise them on property matters in Dubai and the UAE in general, I could not recommend anyone more highly than Ray Hogan.”


Jumana S says:

“Ray has a good knowledge in Real Estate backed up with a good instinct for the best locations available around the world.”

Robert I says:

“My confidence to deal in the UAE is entirely down to my relationship with Oryx – professional, informed and honest – they have been a delight to deal with in a market that is very different from the UK. I mention Ray Hogan particularly because he brings the most important qualities to all dealings – trust and a proven track record of honest successful results”


Andrew S says:

“I have dealt with Ray Hogan since 2007 and continue to do so today. Ray and his team are committed to high quality projects and levels of customer service. Oryx gained the loyalty of myself and other investors, by working with the developer to manage the real estate crisis, which began late 2008, allowing us time to protect our investments. Ray is responsive, accessible and very knowledgeable, which makes it easy to do business with Oryx.”


Nike G says:

“Ray is a warm, authentic and business savvy professional. I’m happy to recommend him further.”


Sandra M says:

“Ray is brilliant at marketing luxury properties to the world.”


Max S says:

“Ray supplied us with an experienced and efficient service that inspired confidence and gave us very satisfactory results. Highly recommended.”


Natasha A says:

“Ray’s services set the benchmark in sales, marketing, and as a real estate advisor. He is knowledgeable, innovative, forward thinking, and consistent in delivering high quality and personalized service.”


Michele E says:

“Ray is a visionary entrepreneur who is able to see the possibilities of a venture from all sides and, as a consequence, to address small issues before they have the chance to become problems. In real estate, rather than simply selling a house, he offers clients assistance in creating homes, complete with interior design resources, knowledge on local resources, and long-term support well beyond move-in. I found working with Ray to be harmonious and creatively satisfying and believe it was due to a positive and productive nature that he carries with him to all endeavours.”

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